Yak Testicles

I believe this is the first selfie I took in Mongolia. This was shot somewhere in inner Mongolia. My facial expression is from a combination of eating way too many Yak testicles and subfreezing temperatures.  FACT 1: The Mongolian barbecue is a lie (aka The Myth of the Mongolian Barbecue).  FACT 2:  Never mess with a man who has just consumed yak testicles for breakfast, lunch or dinner, especially breakfast-- not the greatest way to start the day.

Second selfie. This time, I felt it wise to wear sunglasses to protect anyone who dare lay their eyes on this image. Even with my sunglasses on, you can still tell that I just finished a bowl of yak balls.

I thought I was hallucinating when I entered my hotel room and saw this painting; it was most likely the side effects of yak ball consumption. Then, I started thinking that someone had actually taken time out of their life to paint this and came to the conclusion that he or she, too, had suffered the same fate as I and consumed way too many yak testicles.