It all happened so quick. One minute I was out for a friendly jog and I happened to look down at my favorite Adidas running shoes and noticed what seemed to be a break down in my laces. It was hard to determine if it was fatigue or if they had succumbed to tongue damage. Whatever the case may be, I realized that it was a life or death situation. I knew it would be tough to lose such a close pair of shoes so time was of the essence.  I raced to the nearest emergency room as fast as my feet could carry me. The doctors worked like a well polish team but the shoes were losing bodily fluids fast. At one point I, thought they would have to use the paddles but if not for the quick work of the doctors, I'm sure these shoes were destined for the bin.

adidas operation.jpg

This was shot as an Ad pictorial for Adidas. I had no art direction and was given total creative freedom.