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I'm a firm believer that one must immerse themselves in a culture before they can relate to its people. So in my typical adventerous self and my quest to fit in, I thought it would be best best by donning traditional Mongolian winter wear. No, you will never see this on the runways of a major fashion show but let me say this, if it is minus 25º Celsius outside, this is the Armani of winter wear Mongolian style. I have no idea as to what animal died on my behalf but let me praise its soul and say thanks. Even the cows in the background think I'm a local. My biggest fear was not the cold but what other creatures were living inside this hide. Time to eat some Yak testicles.

"The Ice Man"

I was fortunate to have photographed Mika Immonen, a Finnish professional pool player and WPA World Nine-ball Champion, for a fashion shoot. We got along from the get go. He seemed like a pretty cool dude so I asked him if he would be willing to come back to the studio for a personal sitting.  He agreed and was eager to participate.

I have been asked numerous times how I was able to get this look on his face. After explaining to Mika what I wanted him to do with his hands and body, my only other direction was for him to give me his best primeval scream. This image was part of my exhibition called "One Light" held at the Ayala Museum.

mika-tritone copy.jpg

The Foundry

I made these images when I was living in Australia. This was shot at a local foundry somewhere in Sydney. These guys were so accommodating and just great to photograph. Their only request was if they could wash up before the shoot. I convinced them not to do so to keep the look as real as possible. The best part of the shoot was they invited me to join them for tea and bickies afterwards (Bickies is Oz speak for biscuit, aka cookie.)

This was shot with available light on a overcast day on a Mamiya RB 67 camera with a 90mm lens on Kodak Tri-X. 

shovel copy 2.jpg
shovel copy.jpg