50 Day Photo Challenge: Day 1-5

I decided late last year to challenge myself to shoot 50 photos over the course of 50 days using a 50mm lens and just for fun, grow a beard for 50 days as well. My wife was not happy to say the least about the beard growing part of the challenge. There was no particular theme for the photos just what ever caught my eye on the day.


 Day 1/50  : "No Time For Love" sounds like the title for a blues song.

 Day 1/50  : "No Time For Love" sounds like the title for a blues song.

Day 2/50   I can always count on my four-  year old son Dylan for inspiration.

Day 2/50   I can always count on my four-year old son Dylan for inspiration.

Day 3/50

Day 3/50

Day 4/50

Day 4/50

Day 5/50

Day 5/50

The After Shoot

Now and then, opportunities arise right after I have a shoot and it usually happens with my children. The first of such opportunities was with my daughter Aryanna when she was only 4 and what I believe has become an iconic image of her. What makes this image so strong is the deadpan look on her face. I remember my daughter walking into the studio right after I had a shoot and she climbed inside the this wooden box and the rest is history. Mamiya 67 Pro-SD  camera   250mm lens  Tmax 100

The second such image of Aryanna came much later in life. Even with her eyes closed she still demands attention. The dramatic lighting and strong pose makes you wonder what she was thinking.

Then we had what we call a "happy accident" who just so happens to go by the name Dylan Finn Epperson. This particular image was not planned either but my family showed up in my studio after a shoot and I noticed my son wearing jeans as was I. I asked my wife to shoot the two of us together and once again, a shot that has so much meaning to me. Great timing by my wife and a very rare moment where my son is actually looking into the lens.

Even my wife gets in on the act. This once again happened after the two of us were working on a shoot together. I thought my wife looked great with her 1960's vibe going on. My wife has the whole package: a great sense of style, the perfect look, the hat, glove, the use of one hand, the cuff open and no make up to boot, pure beauty.

Today was a new day and another shoot for a client and in slips Dylan as if on cue. 

Dylan: Dad, take my picture.

Me: Sure, but can you put on your Spidey outfit?

Dylan: No Dad it's too hot for Spiderman. Just shoot me like this.

A Day in the Life of Spidey

Spidey works the speed bump out in front of his lair only to realize that it's lunch time. Quicker than he can say "Go, web go!" he grabs the scooter in hand, due to the lack of web material and makes a bee line for home.


He attempts to sneak up on the food provider, otherwise known as the "rule maker" (a.k.a. Mom).


Meal time over Spidey takes a much needed siesta in his man cave. Surrounded by some of his favorite means of transportation and a cold bottle of Perrier Lemon.

After a much needed rest, Spidey springs back into action. Strikes a pose and screams "Shazam!"

Meanwhile, south of the border sits his distant cousin, "El Hombre Araña" bored and waiting for a crime to be committed .


I'm never late.

I pride myself that I have never been late to a shoot, meeting or work. This is a trait that I learned from my father at a very early age, that is, showing respect to the other persons time. We know as photographers that time is of the essence and showing up early is part of the game. It allows time to get acquainted with our surroundings, set up lighting, camera and do a few test shots to check exposure. This week I shot for Philippine Tatler.

Waiting for all concerned and catching up on emails

Waiting for all concerned and catching up on emails

Call time: 4 pm

I was at the hotel at 3pm. I waited...

Lighting test, shot by my assistant Jaime Rapi, Jr.

Lighting test, shot by my assistant Jaime Rapi, Jr.

And waited...

Seventh inning stretch and still waiting for anyone to show up to the shoot.

Seventh inning stretch and still waiting for anyone to show up to the shoot.

Then got bored from waiting



Then I realized...

I was TWO days early to my shoot!

This was a first in my career as a photographer. Talk about a pre-light test! Needless to say, the renovations on our new house has taken its toll on me. I cannot believe I was able to convince the hotel staff that I had a shoot on this day. They all looked a bit perplexed, so much so, they had to call the Communications Department to confirm there was a actual shoot scheduled for that day. Problem was they never got back to me maybe because I was so convincing. I never laughed so hard. 

Flying Finn

When I'm having a bad a day I can always count on my children to cheer me up. Today, that was Dylan's job. Dylan is never short of having something to say or asking a million questions, as 4-year olds do or endless energy that needs to be spent. Here he is doing what he does best, flying high, enjoying life and making me laugh in the process.

After 30 to 40 jumps he runs out of gas. Time well spent. 

Grandma Nellie

Sometimes I forget why I first picked up a camera but every once in a while, I am reminded of the pure joy that it brings me. Today while photographing Heart Evangelista, I noticed an elderly woman on the sidelines watching the shoot. I was immediately drawn to her so I struck up a conversation and eventually asked her if she would allow me to photograph her. I later found out that she considers herself the number 1 fan of Heart. Nellie is the complete package: she's a character, stylish, flirtatious and just a down-right nice person.

Nellie is fond of old school music with 2 of her favorite songs being "From Russia With Love" and "Love Story." Her biggest joy in life is when the family is complete and her wisdom to the youth of today would be to "enjoy life because you only live once."

One thing I love about elderly people is that they usually have something to share with you, whether it be a good yarn, a bit of wisdom, or an odd story or two. You can always learn from them regardless of where they are from or their social status. I believe they enjoy sharing, being heard and genuinely listening to what you have to say as well.

Just want to give a shout out to Ms. Nellie one last time and say thanks for your time and allowing me to take your photograph. Cheers!