The After Shoot

Now and then, opportunities arise right after I have a shoot and it usually happens with my children. The first of such opportunities was with my daughter Aryanna when she was only 4 and what I believe has become an iconic image of her. What makes this image so strong is the deadpan look on her face. I remember my daughter walking into the studio right after I had a shoot and she climbed inside the this wooden box and the rest is history. Mamiya 67 Pro-SD  camera   250mm lens  Tmax 100

The second such image of Aryanna came much later in life. Even with her eyes closed she still demands attention. The dramatic lighting and strong pose makes you wonder what she was thinking.

Then we had what we call a "happy accident" who just so happens to go by the name Dylan Finn Epperson. This particular image was not planned either but my family showed up in my studio after a shoot and I noticed my son wearing jeans as was I. I asked my wife to shoot the two of us together and once again, a shot that has so much meaning to me. Great timing by my wife and a very rare moment where my son is actually looking into the lens.

Even my wife gets in on the act. This once again happened after the two of us were working on a shoot together. I thought my wife looked great with her 1960's vibe going on. My wife has the whole package: a great sense of style, the perfect look, the hat, glove, the use of one hand, the cuff open and no make up to boot, pure beauty.

Today was a new day and another shoot for a client and in slips Dylan as if on cue. 

Dylan: Dad, take my picture.

Me: Sure, but can you put on your Spidey outfit?

Dylan: No Dad it's too hot for Spiderman. Just shoot me like this.