A Day in the Life of Spidey

Spidey works the speed bump out in front of his lair only to realize that it's lunch time. Quicker than he can say "Go, web go!" he grabs the scooter in hand, due to the lack of web material and makes a bee line for home.


He attempts to sneak up on the food provider, otherwise known as the "rule maker" (a.k.a. Mom).


Meal time over Spidey takes a much needed siesta in his man cave. Surrounded by some of his favorite means of transportation and a cold bottle of Perrier Lemon.

After a much needed rest, Spidey springs back into action. Strikes a pose and screams "Shazam!"

Meanwhile, south of the border sits his distant cousin, "El Hombre Araña" bored and waiting for a crime to be committed .