Ayala museum

Always on Time

Wife: Why do you like to photograph buildings?  Is it because you're a frustrated architect?

Me: No, yes, mmmmm, maybe.

Wife: Then why? What is it about buildings that you like so much?

Me: I could give you numerous reasons: buildings are like people; they all have their very own personalities-- they  change  during the course of the day and depending on the weather, they can evoke different emotions. They challenge you to think, to pause and to contemplate. I can go back to the same building many times and see something new each time. They can either make you feel sad, happy, strong, weak, or even downright silly.        

Wife: Yeah, right!

Me: The real reason I like to photograph buildings basically boils down to the following:

° They are always on time and never use traffic as an excuse.

° They never complain that it's too hot, it's raining, or omg, my windows need cleaning.

° They never question lens choice.

° There is never a clash of personalities.

° Take direction extremely well.

°  It's just me and the building